Tasty Bites in Vienna pt. 1

Just take a walk around Vienna and you will discover many tasty things to eat! Here are some of my tips and personal favorites!

Visit a Bakery!

My favorite is Der Mann.



This is one of my favorite pastries to eat from Der Mann. For locations and more information click here. Travel Tip: If you are visiting Vienna be sure to check out Brotway and you can see how they make bread, cakes pastries and visit the little museum after you enjoy your meal. This is a place my family really enjoys going for breakfast. The Eggs Benedict is super!


This is most popular around the time of Mardi Gras. On Fat Tuesday everyone is eating them. In Vienna we call it Faschings. When we first moved here you could only find them at certain times in bakeries. Lately I have noticed that they are still around and it is almost summer. This one was from Der Mann. You can get them at any bakery around town.


Go to an Imbiss stand and try local favorites!
Imbiss means lunch.

Kepab Stands



They are naturally known for kepab. It comes from the Turkish word that means grilled meat. You can get them in the form of a burrito called a Düram, or the sandwich called Döner, in a box with rice. That is not all you can get there though.

Pizza is very often made and served in Kepab places. They are often really good, better than some of the pizzerias. Tip: ask for garlic and they will add garlic seasoned oil to the crust! Yum! Also this was one slice from the stand near the U-bahn at Schönbrunn, I ordered it for my 4 year old. it was in fact 1/4 of the pizza. Great value for the price.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous

Try Börek

My daughter and I ordered Börek. I first tasted it in Bosnia-Hrezgovinia. Mine was filled with feta and spinach. It was made round in the Serbian tradition.


Börek is a pastry with roots in Turkey. As the Turks traveled börek became a popular dish in many places. It is popular in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia,

other former Yugoslavian areas and here in Vienna.

My daughter ordered the meat börek that was made in the Bosnian tradition. Rolled up!


Eat at a Wurstelstand

One thing you can’t miss in Vienna is a Wurstelstand. There are a variety of them and they are all over the city. I think the best one in my opinion is between the Oper and Stephansdom. (pictured)

Kupferschmiedgasse 1
1010 Vienna

My husband’s favorite is here. This is known to be one of the favorites in Vienna due to its location and the fact that it is open til 4am.

am Hohen Markt
1010 Vienna


The stands are the Austrian version of the imbiss stand. You will find typical Viennese favorites in them. Aside from the frankfurters, and bratwurst you will find Mannerschnitte for dessert and schartner bombe to drink! 🙂


Originally the stands were set up during the time of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire. They were to help former soldiers earn an income.

They were not always allowed to be stationary. They are now. I was told that changed in the 1960’s.

Tip: Many of the stands are open late for Taxi drivers and tourists.
I mentioned our favorites above. Everyone has to taste and decide for themselves what they like and where. Here is a list to get you started.
I picked my favorite based on the currywurst, it is so good! Here it is a bratwurst with mustard, ketchup and curry powder! Other places use a frankfurter and/or only ketchup.

curry wurst vienna, Wien

I hope you are hungry now!

Come back next week and I will share more tasty treats from Vienna!

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15 thoughts on “Tasty Bites in Vienna pt. 1

  1. Uh oh, shouldn’t have read this whilst hungry 😉
    Thanx for all the tips!

  2. Mmmm, reliving my trip to Vienna from last fall……

  3. You are right, Tamika, I am hungry now :). Didn’t know that burek is popular in Vienna too.

  4. That first pastry looks delicious! Actually all the food does!


  5. Yum! Next time I’m in Budapest, I’m popping over to Vienna for a bit and we’re going eating. I’ve had borek in Serbia and Slovenia and absolutely loved it and I’ve had a couple sausages too (I think from that same stand). Everything else is new to me.

  6. Those pastries look delicious and flaky! YUM!

  7. Aggggh I’m so hungry now! I haven’t been to Vienna yet but now I know what I’ll eat haha Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

  8. I’m hungry. Moving there soon…just might die of pleasure!

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