Tasty Bites in Vienna pt. 2

Last week I began to share some things I love to eat in Vienna.

This week we continue.

Lets start with a favorite park food. Langos!



Lángos is a deep fried flat bread that comes from Hungary. A few summers ago my family went on a mini vacation with friends to their summer house in Hungary and we had them there. They serve them with toppings. In Vienna they are generally served alone with only garlic oil brushed on and a dash of salt! Yum!

They are deep fried now but were originally made in ovens over a flame. The word Làngos comes from the Hungarian word meaning flame.

When we were with our friends we tried a variety of toppings and learned quite a bit about the history of several popular dishes!

My favorite had cheese, garlic and sour cream. I am hoping that teen will catch on in Vienna too!

At the Christmas market at the Rathaus we did find làngos covered wurst.

Vienna, langos, wurst

Another favorite of mine is the wood oven baked potatoes! I like to get mine with ham, cheese, and garlic sauce. It is a tradition for us to get them at the Christmas Markets.

wood oven, potato, christmas market, vienna

spiral potatoes, Christmas Markets, ViennaFinally another tradition we have at Christmas Markets is to get the spiral potatoes. They are one long spiral. They are salty, soft in the middle and crunchy like chips on the outside!

Here is a fun tip for those of you traveling to Vienna in the next few months. During the playoffs and games leading up to the Euro cup things turn up like Fussballs all over here are a couple of pictures of some of my favorites.

This is a pretzel bread shaped like a fuss ball!


Here is a loaf of whole wheat bread in the shape of a soccer ball.


I hope you enjoyed this and that you will try some of these things when you visit. Next week I will share some of my favorite sweet treats!

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9 thoughts on “Tasty Bites in Vienna pt. 2

  1. I should not have read this when I am hungry!! I love all of those things! Funnily enough, we don’t often find them until it’s Christmas Market season (including the baked potatoes!) – so it’s fair to overindulge then don’t you think? 😀

  2. Ooo my gosh all these delicious looking carbs. The langos and baked potatoes especially!

  3. YUMMMMMMY!!! I love Vienna, I have been twice and could go everyday for the tasty bites and a great cup of joe Big thanks for linking up with us for #SundayTraveler

  4. Ah! All of these pictures are totally making me drool – it all looks so yummy! So are the langos sort of like an elephant ear in the USA but available to put different sort of toppings on? Either way, I want to eat all of this 🙂

  5. Just, yum! Eating is always the highlight for me when I am traveling!

  6. I didn’t know you could get langos in Vienna as well. It’s definitely one of my favorite indulgent treats when I was in Budapest. So greasy, but so delicious. I had one of those gigantic potatoes at the Christmas market. It was massive! Yum, I’m hungry. I could go for a langos wrapped sausage right about now.

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