Ten Songs that Represent the Soundtrack of My Life!

songs, link up, soundtrack, lifeSo we meet again on another Thursday. I realize it is already late in the day. I have been sick this week. I am felling better, but running behind on many things. I apologize for that.

At any rate… this week we are sharing ten songs that would be in the soundtrack of our life. This is based on the post I wrote about the song Lieder by Adel Tawil. I have had so much fun listening to songs, and remembering moments of my life. I will introduce them to you in a similar way. I will share some of my stories. I hope you will play along. Write a similar post and link up!

Are you ready?

Picture this, a closet that has been made into a turntable, speakers, record player and tiles of awesome 70’s mirrored glass to cover the front. Every night before bed it blasts Beetovens 5th by Walter Murphy! Thats right folks the disco remix of Beetovens 5th was my very first favorite song. I listened to it on repeat and danced until I passed out. So began my musical life!

Motown played a huge part in my early life. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, Mercy, Mercy Me, Let’s Stay Together, and many more were all a part of my normal life. I remember laying in the back seat of my dad’s 1969 Mach 1 Black and Gold Mustang and listing to Marvin Gaye sing What’s Going On. I loved the parts when you could hear the people talking in the background. I always pretended I was at their party too!

When we were in my mom’s car we always listened to Al Jarreau sing After All. He was also a standard on any road trip right along side Santana’s Black Magic Woman. Aw good times. This is where my love of travel and road trips began. (I am counting these as 1 so we are at 3 now!)

Naturally I eventually branched out and had my own favorites. I was pretty eclectic from the start. I had my Jazz favorite from the time I heard Harry Connick Jr sing Recipe for Love. 

I was a huge fan of Sade. No one else knew her but I liked her so much I even cut my hair to look like her. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t like her. She wasn’t popular in my circle of friends but her music was one of the constant companions in my life. Part of it was I could always sing along with her. The other is the jazzy sound that I just love. Is It a Crime?


Music videos came to be when I was 6 years old. This took my love for music to the next level. Now I could see the people while they were singing and I started to develop music crushes. Most of my friends were into Wham, but I was in love with DeBarge (El to be specific) I used to pretend he was singing to me in You Wear it Well. 

Pretty much everyone else liked Michael Jackson, but I was more a fan of his little sister. I listened to her on repeat for weeks.  Janet Jackson’s Control album was so timely for me. I related to it so much. I was 11 starting to like boys and had already seen enough of my friends hurt by them so Nasty Boy and He Doesn’t Even Know I’m Alive were right on time.  Along with Jody Watley, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam and others I gathered a playlist for dealing with relationships.

I realized that music could not only help me through difficult times but also brings people together to inspire and support one another. I loved the We Are the World collaboration. I have also always been a fan of Bob Marley and appreciate the impact he had on music and society.

Later in life after an abusive relationship, and a few rough breakups I had a collection of songs that carried me through those times as well. Most of them were albums. Shania Twain’s Woman in Me and Come on Over, and Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill really seemed to hit the nail on the head at these times in my life. Lauryn Hills I Used to Love Him is the single song that sums up that part of my life the most.

Another Artist who has weaved his way in and out of my life is Prince. When I had cancer his Musicology album and greatest hits were my theme songs on the way to and from Chemo. The song I listened to the most was Sometimes it Snows in April.

Truth be told if I were to really write about all the songs that have impacted my life i would need it to be a series and it would have several “books” by theme.

Now it is your turn!

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One thought on “Ten Songs that Represent the Soundtrack of My Life!

  1. Oh, Sade! She is my and Jaro’s all time favorite. For our 10th anniversary we went to her concert in Prague. She was awesome. I love how she appears on stage once in 10 years or so and then she goes back to her private life for inspiration. She does not need the media attention and still people remember her. 🙂

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