Museum of Military History in Vienna, Austria

museumofMilitaryhistoryOne Hundred years ago yesterday an event occurred in Sarajevo that set off a chain of war declarations that started World War 1. Do you know what it is? Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife Sophie were there to observe military maneuvers planned in Bosnia that June. They were shot and killed in their car after the driver realized he was headed to the wrong place. There had already been an attempt on their lives that day. The grenade intended for their car landed behind them. They changed their schedule to visit those injured. The driver didn’t know. He was turning around and the assassin was in a cafe, and took advantage of his second chance.

My husband loves history and this is his favorite museum. We decided to visit today to see if there was anything special due to the 100th anniversary of the death of Franz Ferdinand and his wife. They have a new display about WW1.

It tells the story from the Austrian perspective. I always enjoy seeing the many different uniforms and small details. As a painter I am always in awe of the massive paintings. I often wonder how they really pulled that off an oil painting takes a long time and that was long before colored photos. The painters were incredibly talented to capture and tell the stories of war in their artwork.

This museum is the oldest in Vienna. It was built along with the Armory. It’s purpose to show and preserve Austria’s Military history and accolades.  It was always intended to honor the people and victories of the Empire.

The building is beautiful. The entire complex is. Franz Joseph had it built as a new city garrison after the old one was destroyed in 1848. In the front of the building the canon collection is on display.


When you walk in there are columns made of statues in the likeness of the whose who in Austrian military history. It is a hall of generals.


The story of World War 1 is the exhibit we visited today. In addition to the featured exhibit; there are 4 different sections in the museum each focusing on a specific period of history and battles.

They have on display the uniform of Franz Ferdinand. It is what he was wearing at the time of his death. They also have the conch he died on and the car he was shot in.

A portrait of Franz Ferdinand when he was younger. You can see the reflection of a sketch of his wife in the top left. This is where his uniform, and the couch where he died were on display.


Here is the car.


And here are various photos I took today.


painting of Serbian POW’s

POW camp artifacts. This was how they printed camp money.

POW camp artifacts. This was how they printed camp money.

Belt buckles, and shoe decor donated when they needed more metal.

Belt buckles, and shoe decor donated when they needed more metal.

war scraps from dolomites

war scraps from dolomites

If you are interested in War and/or history be sure to check this museum out.

Here is a link to their website: Military History Museum of Vienna.

If you like to take pictures you have to pay 2 euro. They will give you a sticker and receipt that shows you are allowed.

You can get listening guides in English to guide you through the displays.

This is a well done museum. I highly recommend it.

What types of things do you look for in a museum?


3 thoughts on “Museum of Military History in Vienna, Austria

  1. This museum seems very interesting, if I have time to visit in Vienna I will definitely swing by!

  2. So interesting. I can’t wait to get to Vienna. Both my husband and I would enjoy this museum. Beautiful photos! Glad I found you on #Sunday Traveler. –Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

  3. Interesting. I love history, but I’m a bit indifferent when it comes to war. They all start blending into each other. I guess it depends on how it is presented. If done well it can be really fascinating.

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